Elite Moving

22As our name implies, at Bushnell Moving, we are driven by the precision and efficiency of the Japanese Ninja. Even with our most budget conscious customers, each Bushnell move is performed with the sort of care and handling we would provide in our own homes, but some customers expect more than just transporting goods. For those customers, we have created our Bushnell Elite moving experience.

Inspired by Japan’s modern-day full service movers, Bushnell Moving has created a service that is effortless on the part of the customer. Every item is meticulously packed, moved, unpacked and put in its proper place. With our Bushnell Elite service, there is no need to lift a finger. Instead of being surrounded by a room full of boxes at the end of your moving day, you’ll be surrounded by home. The pictures will be hung. Music will play from your fully connected sound system.

Sit back, pour yourself a cool drink and watch as Bushnell Movings’ specially trained Elite team:

  • Covers their feet in sanitary coverings before entering your home
  • Covers your walls to prevent damage
  • Prepares each item by cleaning it before packing
  • Packs each item in specialized containers designed to virtually eliminate any chance of damage
  • Disconnects all electronics and packs in specially designed boxes
  • Disassembles beds and packs mattresses
  • Even shoes get their own special cartons
  • Transports all hanging clothes on hangers, protected by cardboard
  • Packs books, DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs and other forms of media in the exact order in which they are displayed
  • Completely protects all furniture
  • Protects delicate furniture in cardboard along with the traditional blanket wrap
  • Before leaving for your new home, Bushnell Elite Movers will give your old home a once over, ensuring that there is no sign they were even there

Once in your new home, Bushnell Elite Movers will:

  • Arrange your furniture according to your instructions
  • Unpack each item and place even the smallest knickknack exactly where it belongs
  • Electronics will be reconnected
  • Beds will be reassembled and made
  • Before saying “goodbye,” Bushnell Elite Movers will ensure that they haven’t left even a speck of dirt

If you choose, we can even help arrange:

  • Licensed pet care
  • Licensed full-service housekeeping
  • A spa day – guaranteed to give you the most relaxing moving experience ever