Central Coast Local Moving

11If you plan on moving across town or even across state, alleviate the moving day headaches by having Bushnell Moving handle your move.

You’ve probably been there; you try to plan a local move by wrangling all your able-bodied friends. Inevitably, something comes up for at least a couple of them, leaving you short handed.

The truck you rented is too small, meaning you’ll have to take extra trips. As the day goes on, and people get tired, the move gets sloppier. Tables get scratched, a lamp breaks and that box that says “fragile” somehow ends up upside down under a box of books. By the time the day is over, it’s long after midnight and you’re left in a house full of boxes with no place to even lay your bed flat.

At Bushnell Moving, our faster, cleaner, sharper movers will take a load off your shoulders. Unlike most moving companies, we see the move in advance, we’ll always send enough movers and a big enough truck. Our professional movers can pack for you or they can simply do the heavy lifting and the driving. It’s up to you. We can even unpack for you, almost magically transporting you from your old home to your new…like ninjas.

Also unlike most moving companies, because we see the move in advance, we guarantee your moving price. You’ll always know exactly how much you’ll be paying. No questions, no hassles. When was the last time that happened at a truck rental counter?

Oh, and we’ll put your bed together.