Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Has Bushnell Moving Been In Business?

Bushnell Moving was born from decades of experience and from the highest level training available in the country. Ken Bushnell formed the company in 2012 after running one of the largest moving companies in the country.

How Do I Know I’ve Chosen A Quality Mover?

Check us out. Our customers love us. Ask for referrals. Check out Angie’s List or Yelp.

When Should I Contact Bushnell Moving?

Even though we specialize in last minute moving, it is recommended that you contact us about three to six weeks before your move date. This will give you enough time to work on a precise moving plan with your relocation consultant and handle all preparations with ease. That being said, Bushnell Moving is able to provide last minute relocation solutions even for customers that need to move on the very next day!

What Information Should I Provide My Estimator?

Other than the inventory list, you should notify your Bushnell Moving Consultant about any access difficulties, storage needs, building management requirements, delivery restrictions, flights of stairs and other moving related issues.

What are your rates?

There might be nothing more misleading than a mover’s hourly or per unit rate. At the end of the day, the rate is only one factor in the final bill. It’s best to have a full moving consultation, so your mover can be aware of all aspects of your move, including packing and potential restrictions. At Bushnell Moving, we paint a complete and honest picture of your move with our guaranteed pricing. You will have no surprises and you’ll still have the best price. After all, it’s our goal to have you refer us to your friends.

Will Bushnell Moving Be Able to Pack for Me?

Absolutely! Not only can we pack for you, we can make it very affordable. Even if you haven’t finished packing, we can help you out. Packing, wrapping and crating services are all part of the full or partial packing packages that Bushnell Moving is able to offer customers.

Does Bushnell Moving Provide Storage Services?

Bushnell Moving owns a network of secure storage facilities in several key location in the United States. Our well maintained storage facilities are always available for both local and long distance customers. Your Bushnell Moving Consultant will be able to provide you with cost effective long or short term storage packages and our highly trained movers will be able to pack, prepare and store the goods with the care and attention they deserve.

Is My Move Insured?

Bushnell Moving is a preferred carrier with MovingInsurance.com, where you can purchase full replacement value insurance. Without insurance, your goods are covered at the rate of $.60 per pound per article.

Is there anything you won’t move?

We can’t move anything that is flammable, corrosive or explosive. In other words, we will be happy to move your BBQ grill, but please make separate arrangements for your propane tank. Please dispose of open and perishable food items. Please make separate arrangements for cleaning fluids.

Do you move pianos?

We have decades of piano moving experience. Ask your Bushnell Moving Consultant for pricing for your piano.

Do the movers take a lunch break?

If they do, you will not be charged for that time.

Will Bushnell Moving Disassemble Furniture?

Our movers will be prepared for basic disassembly, including beds and removing mirrors from dressers.

Can I leave clothing in my dressers?

It’s recommended that only light items are left in the dressers. Too much weight can damage the dresser during the moving process.

Do I Need To Tip Movers?

Although it’s not required and it’s against policy to ask, many of our customers have shown their appreciation by tipping the movers.