About Us

Ken Bushnell started moving over 30 years ago working for the biggest and most successful mover in the business. He credits Bill Terry, his early mentor, with giving him the training to do the job fast, carefully and safely.

As he rose through the ranks, he became the requested mover to Santa Barbara’s elite. He was eventually promoted to operations’ manager, where he oversaw hundreds of movers in thousands of moves each year.

Even with his success, something was absent. He missed the one on one interactions he used to have with customers and he wanted to use his knowledge to start something of his own. That’s when Bushnell Moving was born. After 10 years of “training”, Ken bought the best trucks and equipment money could buy and embarked on his own path, creating Bushnell Moving.

He passed his extensive training and logistical knowledge on to his staff and moving crews. All of Bushnell’s employees are seasoned movers with 10 to 20 years’ experience. They know every phase of every move, from carefully wrapping, moving, loading and driving to unloading, unwrapping and even unpacking if requested. Even with an amazing team, he still insists on staying involved in every move as he personally meets each-and-every client.

He has committed himself to make Bushnell Moving the region’s faster, cleaner, sharper mover. Your move will be seamless because of Bushnell’s flawless precision.

If you’re looking for highly skilled, professional, very affordable movers with the very best equipment, look no further. Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, we promise, Bushnell Moving will be the mover you’ll call on again and again.

Ken will make sure of it.